Hello world!

I’m a full-stack web developer based out of sunny Orlando, FL.

In a previous life, I was a Digital Marketing Strategist, that was until I got tired of using pre-made landing page templates and forms that left little room for customization and improvements. The struggle to find the perfect tools for the job inspired me to learn web development. More specifically, JavaScript, Node.js, Mongo, React, and React Native.

When I step away from my computer, you’ll find me with my family and friends, behind the lens of my camera, attempting to exercise or learning something new (I’m an online tutorial junkie. Shh, it's our secret.)

I volunteer too. On weekends I visit assisted living facilities with my dog Fred, who recently got certified as a therapy dog.


Let it Mow

Need expensive yard equipment for the weekend? Don't buy, rent it!

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Let it Mow is a spin-off of the website letgo. Our vision builds upon the sharing economy by offering a fully featured marketplace where users can find yard equipment they need to rent out for the day (or the week) instead buying something they may use once or twice a year. Users can also post listings for equipment that they own and make extra money by renting it out to their neighbors.

Aprenda App

Study Portuguese with Aprenda and never forget what you learn.

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You're not alone if you studied a second language for years and now all you remember is how to say "Hi". Where did all the knowledge go? Stuffing your brain with large amounts of information at once is not an effective method for long-term retention. Yet, we all do it. But Aprenda Portugues is an application that uses spaced repetition method that helps you retain the knowledge for the long run.

Q-less web and mobile app

Lines are a waste of time and you don't have time to waste.

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Q-less is an app that allows clients to connect with their favorite bar and place their drink orders. At the moment, Q-less, previously known as Drunk Fast (what were we thinking, right?), offers two main components: First, it allows users to access an establishment's drink menu from their phone and place an order. Second, it provides establishments a platform to customize their menu and receive orders from their customers via the app.


Email: laurawolfart@gmail.com